If you have had your current home loan for a number of years, it’s likely that your circumstances have changed.

There are typically four different situations which involve refinancing, depending on what you want to achieve:

  1. Negotiate a better deal with your current lender – if you are happy with the service from your current lender, but would like a better deal;

  2. Refinance to a new lender – if we can get a better deal for you elsewhere; lender) to simplify and reduce your repayments.funds we will consider a loan increase (either with your current lender or a new credit cards and personal loans (along with your home loan) using up your surplus,

  3. Consolidate your existing debt – if you have a number of small debts like car loans,

  4. Accessing money  – for example, to renovate, buy an investment property.

To determine which approach is best for you, we need to understand how you are managing your money, home loan and other debts right now. Then we consider any financial goals you might have over the next few years.

One of the reasons people choose us to help them refinance their debt is that we will guide you through from the start, by showing you how to get your finances ready to apply for the refinance, and then advise you on the best refinancing approach for you.

We have long term relationships with all major lenders and with our expertise in banking policy, you can feel confident that we have a good chance of getting your refinance approved.

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